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ZIGBEE Compatible LED Strip Controller RGB+CCT WW/CW DC12-24V

SKU 3022

Controlling your lights and LED strips via a smartphone or home assistant is amazing but the price of adding new LED strips of bulks is quite pricey! This controller lets you add an RGB + CW/WW LED strip to your Phillips Hue Hub, Amazon Echo Plus or any Zigbee compatible smart home hubs for a fraction of the usual cost! It can perform all of the functions you're used to such as dimming, colour adjustment, scene changes and more. 

Setup is simple and only takes four steps:

  1. Power your light source
  2. Setup the bridge
  3. Download the app and connect to the bridge device
  4. Control your LEDs

This LED controller is compatible with our RGB+W+WW LED Strip!

  • Voltage: 12-24V DC (Use the correct power for the LED strip being used)
  • Max Load Power: 15A
  • LED Strip Compatibility: RGB WW/CW 
  • Remote distance: 10-15m
  • Size: 89 x 48 x 23.5mm


This device works with many ZigBee Light Link Gateways such as the Phillips Hue Hub.

Wire Connection:

1. Please prepare the cable like picture P1 and strip the isolation to 9-10 mm. The cable cross-section must be between 0,33 and 2,08mm 2;(AWG22-14).

2. Now push down the terminal with a screwdriver and put in the cable, see picture P2.

3. Take the screwdriver away and the cable is connected with the terminal.

Connection with Gateway:

1. Connect the LED product to the controller

2. Start the device searching on the ZigBee Light Link Gateway, it could take some time. If the Gateway does not find the device, plug power off/on or make a reset.

3. The Gateway found your device and you can assign it to the different rooms/zones/groups.

4. Now you can use the device.


1. Switch on your device.

2. Now switch off and on within 2 seconds.

3. Repeat off/on four times.

4. Reset is done when the device is switched on in the fifth time and the light stays on after blinking 4 times.