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Addressable RGB LED Controller - K-1000C with SD Card

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The K-1000C is the new and improved version of the older T1000S model of SD card LED controller. It aims to make controlling your LED displays even easier. It is compatible with wide range of addressable LEDs and DMX signal communication protocol.

Perfect addressable LED solution for people who don't want to programme Arduino or other controllers. No programming code required.

Using the programmes LEDedit or Glediator lets you draw your LED patterns visually, you can specify how the LEDs are arranged, preview them, then upload to an SD card. The SD card plugs into the controller and displays your pattern. You can even upload video for your LEDs to display!

Comes with a 256MB SD card included.

Note: To copy files to SD card, you must first format to the SD card. SD card must be formatted as "FAT" format.

Note: APA102 chip not supported.

Addressable LED Strips - Common Questions

  • Runs at DC 7.5-24V using an onboard voltage regulator, or can be run off a single DC 5V source if you're running DC 5V strips
  • Each controller can drive up to 2048 pixels 
  • Supports all the various rules-shape, special shape processing
  • Off-line use can support 32 programmes stored in the SD card
  • Using buttons on the controller, you can adjust the playback speed and choose the display program. Achieve to save the play list functions
  • Built-in lightning resistant and ESD protection circuit, ensures safety and reliability

Compatible with wide range of addressable LED chipsets

  • WS2821, WS2812B, WS 2801
  • SM512
  • UCS512-C