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Slide Potentiometer with Plastic Knob - 35mm Long - 10KΩ

SKU 3370

Are you tired of the regular-old-twisty potentiometers? Why not slide over and try this slide pot? Most famously used on mixers and the transporter control panel on Star Trek, these slide pots are so cute and short at only 35mm. Use as a voltage divider, and you can visually gauge the voltage from low to high. Comes with a grippy plastic knob! 

Comes as a standard 10K ohm linear potentiometer, and it works great for breadboarding and prototyping. You can solder to the 3 legs or sorta push it into a solderless breadboard (or a perfboard with large holes).

  • Dimensions:
    • Overall length: 35mm
    • Width: 10mm
    • Height: 10.2mm
    • Shank length: 9.3mm
    • Shank width: 4.8mm
    • Nub dimensions: 11.7 x 10.3 x 6.9mm
  • Resistance: 10KΩ