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Piezo Element (Diaphragm)

by Murata
SKU 1911

The 7BB series from Murata are piezoelectric diaphragms. This piezoelectric diaphragms is a piezoelectric ceramic disks adhered to a metal plates of brass. These disphragms are typically used in clocks, calculators, digital camera and various alarms. They can be used as knock sensors or very small audio transducers.

This piezo element is 20mm in diameter and has a height of 0.2mm.

  • Clear sound
  • Ultra thin and lightweight
  • Noiseless and highly reliable
  • Low power consumption for voltage type
  • Transducer Function: Diaphragm
  • Element Type: Piezo
  • Resonant Frequency: 6.3kHz
  • Resonant Resistance: 1kohm
  • Capacitance: 10000pF
  • External Diameter: 20mm
  • External Height: 0.2mm