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LPS25HB Pressure/Altitude Sensor Carrier with Voltage Regulator

by Pololu
SKU 2926

This carrier for ST’s LPS25HB digital barometer measures pressures from 260 mbar to 1260 mbar (26 kPa to 126 kPa) with absolute accuracy down to ±0.2 mbar (0.02 kPa) and typical RMS noise of 0.01 mbar (1 Pa) in high-resolution mode. These pressures can easily be converted to altitudes. The board has a 3.3 V linear regulator and integrated level shifters that allow it to work over an input voltage range of 2.5 V to 5.5 V, and the 0.1″ pin spacing makes it easy to use with standard solderless breadboards and 0.1″ perfboards. The sensor offers I²C and SPI interfaces.

 Technical Details:

  • Interface: I2C, SPI
  • Minimum Operating Voltage: 2.5V
  • Maximum Operating Voltage: 5.5V
  • Measurement Range: 26 kPa to 126 kPa
  • Supply Current: 2mA


  • VDD: Regulated 3.3V output. Almost 150mA is available to power external components
  • VIN: This is the main 2.5 to 5.5V power supply connection. Your I2C or SPI control source must also share a common ground with this board
  • GND: The ground (0V) connection for your power supply. Your I2C or SPI control source must also share a common ground with this board
  • SDA/SDI/SDO: Level-shifted I2C data line and SPI data in line (also doubles as SDO in 3-wire mode): HIGH is VIN, LOW is 0V
  • SCL/SPC: Level-shifted I2C/SPI clock line: HIGH is VIN, LOW is 0V
  • SDO/SA0: SPI data out line in 4 wire mode: HIGH is VDD, LOW is 0V. 
  • CS: SPI enable. Pulled up to VDD to enable I2C communication by default; drive low to begin SPI communication
  • INT1_DRDY: Programmable interrupt/data-ready indicator, a 3.3V logic-level output