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Cool Components Ring:Bit Car Kit

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Our Cool Components Ring:Bit Car Kit provides students with a fun introduction to the world of coding and robotics. The included instruction manual helps make it quick to plan a fun and engaging introductory lesson while providing plenty of ideas for future lessons.

This is a great product for students who are looking to get into robotics, programming or electronics, the cars shell can be assembled by hand while the micro:bit's "blocky" programming environment helps provide a brilliant for starting point before advancing to learn Python and JavaScript meeting the needs and levels of all learners.

Recommended for use in Computing, IT and Electronics lessons.

  • Kit contains:
    • BBC Micro:Bit
    • Ring:Bit Car
    • USB A to Micro B Cable
  • Small size with cute design
  • Great for education and STEM
  • Program how the Ring:Bit moves
  • The included band allows the car to draw graphics