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8x8 RGB LED Matrix - Square LED Dot

by Seeed
SKU 1460

This a new 8x8 RGB LED matrix, also compatible with Rainbowduino. Compare to the old 8x8 RGB LED matrix, this new LED matrix features a square LED dot and it's only half thickness.

  • Fully compatible with Rainbowduino
  • Full-colour RGB variation
  • Square LED point source
  • Ultrathin 


  • Dot Size: 5.0mm
  • Pixel Array: 8×8
  • Luminous Intensity: 40mcd
  • Package Dimension: 60mm×60mm
  • Reverse Voltage(Max): 5V
  • Forward Current(Max): 25mA
  • Peak Forward Current(Max): 100mA
  • Power Dissipation(Max): 100mW
  • Operating Temperature(Max):-35~+85„ƒ
  • Storage Temperature(Max): -35~+85„ƒ
  • Lead Solder Temperature(Max): 260„ƒ for 5 seconds